1976 Value Guide for $2 Dollar Bills

This guide aims to demystify the value of these bicentennial notes and provide insight into what makes them special.

The $2 bill, first issued in 1862, has always been somewhat of an oddity in American currency.

By the time the series of 1976 $2 bills were released, they had not been printed since 1966.

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The reissue in 1976 was part of the United States' Bicentennial celebrations, marking 200 years of independence.

As with any collectible, condition is paramount. Bills are graded on a scale from Poor to Uncirculated (UNC).

Uncirculated bills, which show no signs of wear, fetch the highest prices.

1A pristine, uncirculated 1976 $2 bill can range from $5 to $15, depending on demand and rarity.

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