8 Everlasting Cucumber Recipes

These four- and five-star cucumber salads, sandwiches, soups, and wraps provide something for everyone. Our Cucumber Sandwich and Marinated Cucumber & Tomato Salad are popular EatingWell.c dishes.

Elote, Mexican street corn, inspired this simple vegetarian cucumber sandwich. Cucumber slices with cotija cheese, lime, and cilantro replace corn. Cotija cheese, a salty, crumbly Mexican cheese, tastes like feta and may be substituted.

This marinated salad is a healthful and customizable way to enjoy summer veggies. Add fresh herbs or feta cheese for taste. For more taste, substitute seasoned pepper for ground pepper.

This nutritious summer salad dish uses watermelon and cucumbers at their juiciest and most flavourful. Feta and mint brighten this salad. Summer BBQs should include this simple side salad.

This creamy, crisp cucumber sandwich is rich but light. The whole-wheat bread binds the cream cheese-yogurt spread and cucumber together.

The fresh dill and vinegar in this salad provide the ideal harmony of sweet and sour. The crunch from the red onion is perfect.

There's no need to limit yourself to eating cucumbers raw; they make a delightful smooth soup when sautéed and blended with avocado.

Salad on a sandwich? Flavor this creamy cucumber filling with fresh herbs, feta cheese, and lemon. To prevent the contents from making the bread soggy, salt and pat the cucumber. For added crunch, toast bread.

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