5 Zodiac Couples Most Likely To Last 2 Years

Scorpio + Pisces Since they started working on their relationship, these two are known to pass the dreaded 2-year milestone. 

Scorpios and Pisces work hard for love. Water signs can deepen their relationship daily.

It's Leo's most practical relationship. The most romantic for Virgo. Efficiency lets them stay together after two years.

Aries clings to Libra. Even though they're opposites, friendship bonds this pair.

Scorpio Virgo Through their reasoning and strong affinity, Virgo and Scorpio last two years

Sagittarius may seem uninterested in Taurus' stability. This fire sign bends because they need that person. 

Taurus + Sag Once they're together, butterflies fly everywhere. They're useful and enjoyable.

Leo Virgo Though their emotional connection isn't as strong as a water sign duo, they're pragmatic enough to know what could go wrong. 

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