4 Zodiacs Who Like Conflict

Is it possible for us to reach a consensus that Aries is the most explosive sign in the zodiac

 People who are born under the sign of Aries are renowned for their inexhaustible energy and bravery since Mars, the planet of action and violence, is their ruler.

They view conflict as more of a game than anything else, an opportunity to show off their competitive side and make their case. It's possible that it will upset some people

 but somebody's got to stick their neck out and say what they really think, right

A person with the zodiac sign of Aries is not only fearful of confrontation, but also quite adept at it. 

They were born with an innate ability to assert themselves confidently, which makes them deadly adversaries in any argument.

Let's be straightforward about it: Leos are the reigning monarchs of the zodiac, and they are well aware of their status. 

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