Which Zodiac Sign Is Usually Single By Choice?

The Gemini personality knows that this zodiac struggles in long-term relationships.  Casual relationships are easier to handle.

Since this sign turns from hot to cold swiftly, they only like initiating a relationship if they're sure it will succeed.

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Sagittarius will commit if they think they've found "The One." When single, this laid-back zodiac is wary of prospective lovers that are too clingy or interested.

Aquarius enjoys their work. They are some of the most sensitive and kind people, yet they also require quiet time to think.

Pisces need attention to be respected, unlike the other signs on this list.

They are open and committed, yet they can easily become overwhelmed by too much attention.

From thinking they don't deserve such a good mate to magnifying a minor comment into a major criticism, Pisces often leave relationships on their own.

Before dating, know what you want. Otherwise, it's too simple to fall into something bad

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