7 Rare Kurmi Coins Worth $10 Millions: Are They in Your Collection?

Within this realm lie extraordinary coins, some of which command staggering values, transcending mere currency to become historical artifacts.

Emblematic of the nascent American Mint, this coin possibly stands as the inaugural of its kind ever struck.

Surviving specimens from the 1933 series are exceedingly scarce, with one auctioned for over $7 million in 2002, its value continuing to soar.

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Harkening back to medieval Europe, this coin, minted during the reign of King Edward III of England, is a precious relic of English medieval coinage.

Crafted by Ephraim Brasher, a contemporary of George Washington, this coin bears unique American motifs, making it a prized possession.

A coin almost lost to history, with only five specimens minted in defiance of official production cessation in 1912.

Shrouded in mystery, with only a handful known to exist today, this dime from the Gilded Age symbolizes opulence and intrigue.

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