7 Tips for Brighter Eyeshadow


Most of us neglect eye primers because we focus on the ultimate product. Eyeshadow primers are versatile. It is a myth that eye primers only prolong eyeshadows. 

Eyeshadow bases are popular for brightening eyeshadows. Eye primers and eyeshadow bases have distinct formulas. Creamy and thick. Bright eye shadow bases enhance 

Eye pencils can foundation eyeshadows. This approach is perfect if you don't have an eye primer or eyeshadow foundation or are on a budget. 

Black eye pencils, like white ones, enhance eyeshadow color. Pale eyeshadows change color when applied to darker bases like black

This easy trick brightens eyeshadows. For bolder, brighter effects, layer eyeshadow twice. This works well with monochromatic eyeshadow in different finishes. 

My favorite way to brighten my eyeshadows is to moisten my brush with either setting spray or water. To dry your makeup brush, gently blot it on a clean tissue paper.

The creamy concealer's skin-tone hue makes a fantastic eyelid basis. It helps eyeshadows stick to your eyelids and evens out pigmentation for brighter color.

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