Horoscope for Aries for July 11

Today, prior traumas, phobias, or hangups may arise and inhibit you. Dream analysis may reveal the most.

You and your significant other may share some heartfelt, romantic words today.

Perhaps one of you might compose a song or poem just for the other. This has the potential to be a life-changing and healing experience for both of you.

You may be looking for input on a creative or commercial project. Perhaps you've been considering becoming freelance.

Perhaps you need funding for a web-based business or a sales agent for your artwork. It may take some time for everything to fall into place.

In almost any situation right now, the unconventional approach will serve you well. Take some risks and act wildly.

Repeatedly repeating the same actions will only further bury you in your current hole. It's high time you started a new regimen.

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