America's least popular dogs

Pop culture depicts dogs as usual. Onscreen and on sidewalks, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Labradors, and poodles are easy to identify.

Human nature makes us pick favorites, even if no canine breed deserves greater love. With 200 breeds, some will fall.

Stacker analyzed the American Kennel Club's March 15, 2023 data on the 99 least popular dog breeds to determine our preferences.

Size, maintenance, allergies, disposition, and temperament affect a breed's national popularity.

Consider why Labradors, retrievers, and bulldogs are the most popular breeds each year: name recognition (brand name).

Despite being created in Belgium in the 1800s, the AKC only recognized the 5 least popular breed in 2020. 

Newer breeds have fewer trustworthy breeders, making them harder to adopt.

Success can be measured in baby steps, so it's important to celebrate even the smallest victories along the way.

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