Applying Office Makeup Correctly


Before applying makeup in the morning, cleanse your face. To remove dead skin, wash your face with lukewarm water or a cleanser. Towel-dry it.

BB cream eliminates moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation, makeup brushes, and sponges. BB cream covers and smooths like a primer.

If you have flawless skin (we envy you!), skip this step. We can obtain great skin too! A fast stroke of creamy concealer covers zits and blemishes.

Apply neutral blush on your cheekbones after your base. It brightens and awakens you! Add some bronzer for a sun-kissed effect.

Use kajal to define your bottom lid. Add enchantment to your eyes using liquid eyeliner or a gel pencil on the upper eyelid. To brighten, run the brow pencil along your brows.

Instead of bright lipstick, use a lip liner and lip gloss to make your lips look larger.

If you labor long hours, apply a little coat of setting spray or powder over your makeup.

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