Aquarius Moon can manifest your zodiac sign

The Aquarius Moon challenges you to take charge. Say you're here to make a difference in whatever field you're in. You may enrich your life now.

Write the traits of those you want in your life on a piece of paper, fold it three times, anoint it with olive oil, and lay it under a yellow candle. 

Put your name on a green candle and anoint it with lemongrass essential oil. Wrap the candle with a violet thread and pecans to symbolize a higher soul mission. 

Repeat the affirmation while smudging with white sage. Follow this with a bergamot essential oil self-massage and an amethyst on your third eye

Cypress essential oil on your sacral chakra, then sit cross-legged and breathe. Close your eyes and repeat the affirmation eight times in palli mudra.

Tear the parchment paper into smaller slips and write an affirmation about how a romantic partner will come into your life

 Place the white flame in front of you and the rose petals in a big circle around you. Say your affirmation seven times, then return the flowers and affirmations to the soil.

Tea tree oil self-massage upward toward your heart. For deeper intention, wear a black tourmaline bracelet or wear it in your apparel.

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