Aries: July 8 daily horoscope.

Today may feel weird and strong. Though you feel more for others than yourself. You may understand a friend's personal dilemma.

You may be able to forewarn a relative about a mistake. Use your instincts to aid others.

If you haven't been loyal to home and hearth lately, today's domestic horizon is cloudy.

If you've been working to manifest extra money in your life, you'll likely see it manifest today.

Physical and emotional vitality boosts your mind-over-matter powers, helping you achieve financial and other goals.

Your sign makes you practical, so business or career setbacks rarely disturb you.

Today, you should take control of your projects. Money matters require a serious approach.

As a Sagittarius, you're used to sticking your foot in your mouth, but during Moon sextile Pluto, you'll make sure the whole leg is stuck up to the thigh.

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