Attractive Lip Shape Makeup Tips

Most Indian women have top-heavy lips. Top-heavy lips can look gorgeous with makeup skills.

The easiest way to even out bottom heavy lips is to use the same lip color on both the upper and lower lips and then apply a dab of white lip pencil or white lipstick 

To apply makeup smoothly, first use a moisturizing lip balm or primer. To tidy up the lip lines, apply a little coat of concealer. Thus, you can draw even top and bottom lines using lipliner

Flat lips lack depth and definition. Flat-lipped folks should avoid dark lip tints because they make lips look smaller.

If you're not ready for ombre lips, apply the same lipstick color to your lips and use a shimmering highlighter to fill out the center of your top and lower lips.

Apply lip liners slightly outside your natural lip line and softly smudge with your ring finger to spread the color. Apply a darker lip color to the lower lip and a softer one to the upper lip

Large lips dominate the face. To keep your lips smooth and even, pick softer lip colors with a deep matte finish.

Shimmery, frosty, and glossy lipsticks make small lips look fuller. Before applying lip color, use your ring finger to accentuate your cupid's bow 

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