Attractive Tips for Lip Shapes


To achieve balance, evenness, and fullness, apply the same lip color to both lips and then add a dab of white pencil or lipstick to the middle of the lower lip.

The easiest way to even out bottom heavy lips is to use the same lip color on the upper and lower lips and add a dab of white lip pencil 

Use a lip pencil to trace your top lip first, then your lower lips. Flat lips lack depth and definition. Flat-lipped folks should avoid dark lip tints since they make lips look smaller.

Apply lip liners just outside your natural lip line and softly smudge with your ring finger to spread the color.

Oversized lips dominate the face. To keep your lips smooth and even, pick softer lip colors with a deep matte finish.

Shimmery, frosty, and glossy lipsticks make tiny lips look fuller. Before applying lip color, use your ring finger to accentuate your cupid's bow (the "v" above the lips). This adds fullness.

Different lip makeup procedures are needed for different lip shapes. Darker or mixed tones may work better for larger top lips. Glossy lipsticks may also give flat lips volume. 

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