Best 4 Flower-Inspired Nail Art

The best approach to get your feet wet in the world of flower painting is to start with the most understated floral accent on a plain background.

Pink Flowers on Neutral Base

Beginning with a base coat in a neutral color, apply dots for the centers of the flowers and smaller dots all around the larger dot in the center to finish out the flowers

Flower manis in this design look great when done in bright hues. Don't worry so much about the individual petals as much as you do about conveying the concept of a flower.

Flower Art in Rich Colors

Pick out three flower colors that work well together, then use only one for the center. Just finish off your flowery manicure with a few leafy green accents.

As you get more proficient, consider expanding your bouquet. A lovely manicure is one in which flowers are clustered both at the nail's base and its tip.

Tiny Flower Rows

Jam, Please, Strawberry Scone, and HD are Olive & June's newest nail polish hues.

This is a really advanced mani! Vintage watercolor nails are wonderful for afternoon tea or a flower garden!

Vintage Flowers

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