Best Dogs for Training

Border collies are named after the border area of Scotland and the Scottish word for sheepdog, collie. 

German shepherds are commonly used as guide dogs, service dogs, watchdogs, and herding dogs. Animal behaviorist Mary Burch, PhD, claims these dogs are the simplest to train for job and family

This toy dog breed is tiny and light. Their perky, fringed, butterfly-shaped ears ("papillon" is French for "butterfly") are as famous as their personalities.

Papillons are "intelligent, self-assured, playful, affectionate, and happy." they've won the club's National Obedience Championship for years. 

Golden retrievers are clever, affable, and sports dogs. They are well-behaved and easy to train. Burch thinks they make terrific service and therapy dogs. 

Happy, friendly border terriers prefer to work, making obedience training easier. "They're good-tempered, affectionate, and easy to train

The French national dog is the poodle, a lively, charming breed that comes in several sizes. They're not French dogs. The term "poodle" derives from the German word "pudel,"

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