Best Salsa Recipes

Mild Tomato Salsa I got this salsa recipe from my sister, and my children and I have been making batches of it ever since. 

We pair pint jars with packages of tortilla chips for zesty Christmas gifts. When the kids give this present to their teachers, they can truthfully say they helped make it.

Fresh Salsa Verde This flavorful salsa verde is delicious with tortilla chips, but it's also great served on tacos and grilled meats.

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Freezer Salsa Kids in the home economics class at the school where I teach were making this freezer salsa,

and it smelled so good that I got the recipe. It's a great way to use up garden produce.

Zucchini Pico de Gallo Salsa I love veggies and fresh ingredients this time of year.

I make big bowls of this salsa, which we eat with pretty much everything in the summer when tomatoes are bountiful.

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