Bicentennial quarters valued over $90 million each, still circulating

On the obverse side, it retains the familiar image of George Washington, albeit with a special dual dating of “1776-1976.”

What sets these quarters apart is not just their historical significance but also their rarity. 

During the bicentennial year, the United States Mint produced over 1.6 billion of these special quarters, making them seem ubiquitous at the time.

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As with many coins with minting errors, these double die Bicentennial Quarters became highly sought after by collectors.

Their rarity and unique appearance propelled their value far beyond their face value.

In the decades following their release, the demand for these error coins has only increased, driving their market value to astonishing heights.

Despite their astronomical value, which has exceeded $90 million for certain specimens, these quarters continue to circulate in everyday transactions. 

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