Bicentennial quarters worth over $70 million each still circulating

Designed by Jack L. Ahr, the coin features a distinctive reverse depicting a colonial drummer and a torch encircled by 13 stars, representing the original 13 colonies.

The obverse retains the familiar image of George Washington, the first President of the United States.

Upon its release in 1975, the Bicentennial Quarter quickly became a beloved keepsake for many Americans. 

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Banks were inundated with requests for rolls of these quarters, as people eagerly sought to add them to their collections or simply to commemorate the historic occasion.

The sheer volume of these coins minted—over 1.6 billion in total—might suggest that they would be commonplace and hold little value beyond their face value of 25 cents. 

One factor contributing to the rarity of some Bicentennial Quarters is their composition.

While the majority of these coins were struck in copper-nickel clad, a small number were minted in 40% silver.

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