Bold Slime-Green Nail Ideas

Choose a slime green manicure without any embellishments if you like a more traditional look. To get this exact shade, use the C.R.E.A.M. shade of Nail Polish ($13) from Cirque Colors.

This manicure incorporates the slime motif with a dripping cuticle. The manicurist here went all out for the spooky vibe by applying a glow-in-the-dark lacquer on the nails.

This manicure evokes lemon-lime. Yellow matches green well. Add clear glitter polish to your slime-green manicure for sparkle.

The abstract slime-green pattern and squared tips make this mani great. This striking design is low-maintenance, despite appearances. 

Hailey Bieber's Coachella nails demonstrate slime-green nail trendy. 3D chrome gold squiggles enhanced the highlighter-worthy colour.

Nail art favorites include flames, hearts, flowers, squiggles, and checkerboards. Slime-green nail art makes it cooler.

Your nails will rave with this mani. Iridescent paint on the top half of slime-green nails adds glitter and sheen.

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