Cake Made with Black Magic

Because it is so incredibly moist, opulent, and indulgent, this Black Magic Cake will have you questioning whether or not there really is any magic

the making of such a foolproof chocolate cake! We add cocoa powder and coffee to bring out the deep chocolate taste

Making this sumptuous cake requires no complicated methods or specialized equipment in order to be successful.

Black Magic Cake is the name of a recipe that was developed by Hershey's for a sumptuous buttermilk chocolate cake that incorporates strong black coffee

Since the publication of their recipe, a great number of baking enthusiasts like me have gone on to produce variants of their recipe

 In my case, I've baked a multi-layered cake with a layer of luscious dark chocolate spread in between the layers of moist cake,

he chocolate spread also covers the top of the cake

I don't know what else could possibly make one's mouth water if that doesn't do the trick!

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