Common Dog Myths That Just Aren’t True

it’s all the more crucial to separate fact from fiction, to make sure we’re relating to our canine companions correctly and meeting their real needs.

Ever heard that all dogs can swim? Or that they see only in black and white? We’ve all come across these stories from friends or in everyday chats.

Contrary to prevailing thought, wet food isn’t necessarily healthier than dry food for your canine friend.

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The key determinant for choosing between wet and dry food should be your dog’s individual health requirements, age, and, of course, their personal preference.

One common misconception is that all dogs are born swimmers. Well, surely some breeds love the water, but not all dogs know how to paddle their way out.

For pet safety during beach or pool outings, it’s a good idea to invest in a specialized dog life vest.

Even if your dog’s coat doesn’t require professional grooming, they’ll still benefit from regular brushing to remove unwanted fur and distribute skin oil evenly for a healthy, shiny coat.

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