Common Foods That Dogs Intolerances Involve And How To Handle Them

When a dog encounters certain foods, their immune system can sometimes respond with a hypersensitivity reaction, mistaking these foods for harmful invaders.

What Are The Symptoms of Food Allergies in Dogs? The hallmark sign of food allergies in our canine companions is relentless

scratching, particularly targeting the paws, face, ears, belly, and the area beneath the tail.

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The Most Common Food Allergies in Dogs There are a few ingredients that often play the villain in the story of food allergies.

These common culprits range from proteins you’d expect to find in any dog bowl to some less obvious foes that might surprise you.

Beef Consistent exposure to beef in a dog’s diet can increase the likelihood of developing an intolerance or allergy.

The immune system reacts to specific proteins in beef, misidentifying them as threats, leading to an allergic response.

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