Cover Dark Circles: Makeup Tips

Whether you get them through stress or lack of sleep, black circles beneath your eyes are a pain to deal with.

They can, however, be totally concealed with the use of concealer and color corrector. Here are some easy ways to hide the shadows beneath your eyes

The bluish-grey shadows under your eyes can be concealed by combining your concealer with an orange color corrector. 

For optimal results, use the corrector first, followed by a single coat of concealer. Substitute orange or pink lipstick, lip gloss

Applying powder blush to your eyelids can help correct their color. This can help remove some of the coloration, giving them a brighter

Highlighter or glitter cosmetics applied to the inner corners of your eyelids will make your eyes stand out. 

Use a lighter basis, such a white or nude eyeshadow base, to achieve an accurate portrayal of the color of your eyeshadow. 

Warmer tones, such as brown, orange, and pink, will help neutralize the discoloration if you have blue-grey under-eye circles. 

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