Cream cheese and fruit on a pizza crust

Fruit pizza, everyone's favorite summertime snack as a kid, is now easy to make at home.

 A sugar cookie crust that is both tender and strong, cooked to a golden brown, and topped with the smoothest cream cheese frosting and the ripest, in-season fruits.

Summertime flavor bursts forth in every juicy, tart bite. However, the benefits do not end there. 

After the fruit has been added, a light drizzle of honey is added for sweetness. It's sweet, chewy, and oh-so-soft.

I adapted this dish from one my grandma used to cook. Growing up, my mother prepared this dish frequently throughout the summer months

After I was a youngster, we stopped discussing it seriously. Still, we simply KNEW we had to prepare something that included a lot of fresh fruits and berries

Now that the world's largest sugar cookie had finished baking, it was time to decorate it. We frosted it with a homemade cream cheese frosting that is both smooth and rich

This dessert pizza is perfect for any occasion: a first-day-of-summer treat, a holiday dessert the whole family will enjoy

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