Different Nail Sticker Designs

Flowers and cartoon nail art are available. Metallic, matte, and chunky glitter self-adhesive stickers are available. They peel and stick easily.

Lace nail art stickers are similar to the above but include stripes. Cut the lace sticker to size and apply it to your nails. They're also colorful and designed

They seem 3D. Peel-and-stick applies them too. They're gorgeous! Especially flowery.

Polymer clay stickers with adorable patterns. These are sticks or pre-cut forms. Sticks must be chopped thinly and then stuck on nails. 

Metal, as the name implies, they come in different designs. They can make accent nails. Nail glue adheres metal decals.

Acrylic nail art stickers are metal ones made of acrylic. They're elegant.

They are soft and malleable silica gel, great for your holiday mood! A excellent clear polish or nail adhesive is all you need to apply them.

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