World's Finest Working Dogs

The Portuguese water dog is a top family working dog. They're smaller than most working dogs yet eager to help.

Like poodles, they were developed as fisherman's assistants with athletic builds and tight curls that repel water and shed little.

Great Danes are gentle giants. They're huge, lovable goofballs that were originally bred to hunt wild boar. They're playful with kids and fiercely protective of their family.

Early socialization with other dogs prevents wariness and aggression. Great Danes' biggest risk? Their tail-wagging will knock over everything. 

Dobermans are the 17th most popular dog breed in the US because they are fearless, alert guard dogs. Dobermans are sleek and agile.

They're great family dogs and police, military, and agility dogs. They can kill an intruder, but they won't touch their friends. 

Most working dog breeds aren't good for beginners. The boxer stands out. The huggable, stocky pups are always cheerful. They love playing and are patient with kids. 

They aren't as protective as a Doberman, but inexperienced owners can handle them. A boxer's low-maintenance coat and lower energy level make it a good working dog. 

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