Dog Groomers Won't Tell You

Brushing your dog is essential. Groomers may not stress the need of brushing between appointments.

Brushing eliminates loose fur, prevents matting, and promotes skin. A home brushing practice helps keep your dog's coat healthy and lustrous.

Pet owners struggle to trim their dogs' nails. Groomers can handle this delicate technique, but they may not highlight its importance or give enough instruction. Long nails can cause joint pain.

Groomers are skilled but not psychic. They learn dog owners' preferences and concerns through effective communication.

Discuss your expectations, grooming style, and dog health problems. Maintaining excellent communication ensures your dog enjoys a customized grooming service.

Dog grooming neglects oral hygiene. Dental care is crucial to your dog's health, yet groomers seldom address it. 

Regular brushing, proper dental products, and expert cleanings may prevent dental disorders and freshen your dog's breath.

grooming your dog at home between sessions may benefit you and your pet. Checking your dog's ears, eyes, and teeth and combing their coat will help you spot problems early.

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