DogScope for July 9, 2023

Aries Who needs computers and phones? You have the fastest, free communication. Flirting or arguing? Other dogs will understand you.

Taurus That's enough to know your human is wavering. Don't bother with the details—they're boring as dirt. Pull them away.

Gemini Long days with only your breathing in the home are gone, if only temporarily. For once, plenty is happening. Get excited.

Cancer The doorbell, the cat, the mail—you won't have time for anything else. You'll hide in your doghouse another day.

Leo Before joining a group, you think for yourself. Pack mentality affects many dogs. Just don't go crazy.

Virgo Your owners are delusional if they believe they can discuss work in the doghouse. If you don't allow them time to focus on house things

Libra Living in the present lets you push yourself without always trying new things. Walking and eating will satisfy you. Enjoy.

Scorpio Dogs' possession is more important than humans'. The current owner owns it. Be careful with your favorite chew toys—other dogs love them too.

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