Dream Jobs by Zodiac Sign

Aries want a career where they can "lead, guide, and push others to achieve some grand vision," and what better way to do this and release their energy

Taureans dream of being culinary critics. “Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and fertility

Mercury rules communication and intellect, giving Gemini an advantage in industries that emphasize these qualities. Geminis can succeed in any field

Cancers are natural caregivers, therefore their ideal profession is one that puts others first. “Cancer is the sign of the mother and home

Leos adore attention, so acting is a natural career choice. Ms. Charlotte says Leo wants to perform for an audience. 

Virgos require practical jobs. According to Ms. Charlotte, the structured mutable sign's earth sign is "associated with the sixth house 

According to the astrologer, Libras are great at "bringing people together" and planning weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Scorpios are secretive, thus they should become detectives. “Scorpios examine every piece of evidence and [go] through everything with a fine-tooth comb

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