Each Zodiac Sign's Best Lipstick

Lipstick affects each zodiac sign differently. Some people feel incomplete without a matte lip in their daily makeup.

Find your trademark lipstick—or the one lipstick to rule them all—is exciting no matter where you are on the lipstick spectrum.

your astrological chart has the perfect lipstick for your zodiac sign. Astrologer Stina Garbis says some factors affect your public image.

Aries, controlled by Mars, loves bold colors like M.A.C.'s red cream lipstick, a vibrant bluish-red with a silky finish. The brighter the lipstick, Garbis argues, the better.

Venus-ruled Taurus likes seductive, natural, your-lips-but-better vibes. Simihaze Beauty's Velvet Blur lipstick balms in lovely neutrals may achieve this effect. Mist is a brown-peach.

Garbis thinks Gemini is loud, vivid, and unique. You'll love trying new things like metallic lipstick. Grapesicle, Fashion Fair's glittery purple lippie in a gold tube

Cancer likes to be simple yet sexy,” Garbis explains. “This sign goes with a classic berry stain that can be applied throughout the day

Leo is go big or go home, As a fire sign, you prefer to draw attention everywhere you go. Pat McGrath's ultra-saturated MatteTrance Lipstick is perfect for it.

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