Every Zodiac Sign's July 2023 Tarot Horoscope

Failure is today's tarot card, Aries. You may not get a raise or promotion. You may ask why someone less talented than you was noticed. 

You can be at the pinnacle of your success one minute, and back at square one the next. The tarot card for the day predicts financial hardships.

Taurus, surrender. You never give up, but today you may feel a fight isn't worth it. Assess the value of this one sparring session with an ex or soon-to-be ex.

Cancer, your patience is exhausted today. This tarot card means to act immediately. You're wasting your life by being sociable and waiting for someone to do a project with you

You're a natural leader and want to take your relationship farther. What happens? This tarot card bodes well for your relationship. 

When you fail, it exposes your character flaws. Today's loss will boost your career or relationship.

Quit if a plan doesn't make sense. Sometimes you hold onto a vision or conviction because you worry what others will think if you don't. Your first battle will be in your head

Forgiveness reveals character. While we all want justice, some innocent people shouldn't forfeit their future for crimes they didn't commit.

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