Every zodiac sign's worst behaviors

The best aspect of self-discovery is facing anything that may be affecting your life.

Bold, adventurous, and brazen, fire signs know how to spice things up, but they can burn too brightly and have scorching tempers.

Swearing bothers Aries because they want to emphasize. They'll sometimes behave without thinking to make their point.

Aries is also prone to interrupting because they feel compelled to speak as soon as a thought enters their consciousness. 

Leos fear change and persist with unsatisfactory professions or relationships.

Leos are the most confident sign, but their vices are insecurity and envy. Appearances become overvalued. 

The Sagittarius is a dedicated worker, yet they have a tendency to push themselves too far.

What you dress, how you do your hair, what you eat, what you watch, and who you text are all under their covert supervision.

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