Every Zodiac's July 16–22 Horoscope

The new moon that occurred this week has left you feeling homesick. When the new moon enters Cancer on July 17th

your attention naturally turns inward, particularly to matters pertaining to the home.

 This could take the form of spending time with loved ones or making improvements to your home. At the conclusion of the week

 a long-lost relative will try to get in touch with you. It is entirely up to you whether or not you respond to their message.

Taurus This week, your attention is on creative endeavors that blend logical reasoning and intuitive understanding because the new moon is in the sign of Cancer

which inspires originality. You should make plans for significant meetings or present fresh concepts on the 17th.

Within a period of half a year, you will observe positive results

Sparks will fly, and you will feel more confident as a result of the new moon's lingering effects. It is time to pursue this new romantic connection, no matter where it may lead you. 

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