Experts' Hardest Dogs to Train

Beagles are great family dogs. These hunting canines are particularly sensitive to odors and genetically inclined to follow scent trails

Siberian huskies think independently, making them harder to teach. Without enough exercise, this sled dog barks, digs, and runs away.

Malamutes, like huskies, are independent cold-weather dogs. Madson adds that food, toys, and owners don't motivate them. Malamutes also hunt cats, poultry, and small dogs 

Fox hunting-bred Jack Russell terriers are small, strong canines. Joy believes their tremendous prey drive makes them one of the hardest dogs to teach.

Goldendoodles, bernedoodles, and other curly-haired doodles are popular nationwide. Madson adds "overbreeding has contributed to them being more anxious and fearful than other breeds."

Basenjis have "cat-like" tendencies. They're independent and quiet. "You may find their independent and selective personality a challenge, especially in distracting environments

Bloodhounds, like beagles, are hunting dogs with a keen sense of scent. "The bloodhound is law enforcement's go-to choice to locate fugitives and find missing individuals

The Great Pyrenees is a good guard dog because of its family commitment. However, they were developed to guard sheep without much direction from owners.

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