Fifty-seven Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $25 Million USD and Almost $65 Million

The United States Bicentennial, commemorated in 1976, marked 200 years of American independence.

While millions were produced, a select few have gained immense value due to their rarity, exceptional condition, and unique characteristics.

In honor of the United States' 200th anniversary, the Mint issued quarters with a special design.

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Instead of the standard eagle on the reverse, these quarters displayed a colonial drummer with a victory torch encircled by thirteen stars.

These quarters were minted in both copper-nickel and 40% silver compositions, with the latter being part of special collector's sets.

These include unique minting errors, rare die varieties, and proofs that never reached circulation.

A coin graded MS or PR 70 is considered flawless under magnification, making it extremely rare and valuable.

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