Five Additional Rare Bicentennial Quarters Worth Over $25 Million USD and Almost $60 Million USD

The 1976-S Silver Proof Bicentennial Quarter is a gem for collectors.

Struck in 40% silver, this variant was part of the special proof sets produced by the San Francisco Mint.

While many proof coins are valuable, those with perfect grades, such as a PR70, can fetch astronomical prices.

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Its value is attributed to its flawless condition, the rarity of perfect proofs, and the historical significance tied to the Bicentennial celebrations.

Error coins are a fascinating segment of numismatics, often commanding high prices due to their unique imperfections.

This rare mistake, where the design is unintentionally duplicated, has caught the attention of many collectors.

The historical allure of the Bicentennial and the rarity of such errors significantly boost its value.

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