Following my discovery of a rare coin valued at $700 in loose change, here's what I did.

Little did I know that this mundane task would turn into a thrilling discovery.

As I sifted through the pile of coins, one caught my eye – an old, worn coin that looked distinctly different from the rest.

The coin was a 1916 Mercury dime, and after some quick research, I found out that it was a rare one. The exact value? Around $700.

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My initial reaction was disbelief. Could a coin that had been languishing in a drawer for who knows how long really be worth so much?

I needed to verify its authenticity. I started by examining it closely with a magnifying glass, checking for the key details that could confirm its rarity.

The 1916 Mercury dime is particularly valuable if it bears a small “D” mintmark, indicating it was minted in Denver.

To be absolutely certain, I decided to seek professional confirmation. I took the coin to a reputable coin dealer who specialized in rare and antique coins.

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