3 World's Best Dogs for Hunting

Humans' best friends are dogs. They didn't get that distinction by just being cute and cuddly. They like hunting and other duties that improve our life. 

People in many countries have taught dogs to assist them hunt different species. We need our four-legged buddies to catch bunnies, ducks, and even cougars and lions.

The Portuguese water dog was developed there because of a great need for skilled gundogs. In recent years, their popularity has risen in the USA as well.

They are well-suited for hard labor and are happy to swim and retrieve game for hours on end. 

Despite their little build, the Pembroke Welsh corgi is everything but cute. Corgis were first developed as a means of herding Welsh cattle

Corgis are not only great at keeping rats and other pests away, but also in protecting and herding livestock.

The Karelian bear dog, sometimes known as the Carelian bear dog, is a breed of dog that was first developed in Finland. The Karelian bear dog, unlike most of the other canines on this list

This dog breed is the worst candidate for a home as a pet out of all those considered. Due to their strong territorial instincts, they should not be kept with other pets.

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