Horoscope-based worst cat breeds

Aries are honest but forthright. Thus, the gentle Sphynx cat is unsuitable. Due to their near-furlessness, they require more care than ordinary cats.

Aries prefer sturdy, adventurous cats since they're sensitive to heat, cold, sunshine, and neglect. 

Sphynx cats love fire, and Aries is a fire sign. Water. They like baths and water play. Entertaining, but perhaps not ideal for a bold, brassy Aries.

Aquarius is airy, whereas Taurus is earthy. Taurus is stable and comfortable, whereas Aquarius is creative and chaotic. 

A noisy, lively cat that knocks cups off the counter isn't the ideal fit for a calm, even-tempered Taurus who prefers to remain home and hug. 

Geminis are continuously exploring fresh ideas. Scorpios want loyalty over novelty. Bombay cats are like Scorpios.

They're passionate and cryptic, preferring to divulge their secrets with a trustworthy human. 

They're change-averse. A Bombay cat will be annoyed or envious if the inquisitive Gemini gets a new pet, moves, or changes work hours. 

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