Horoscopes for the month of July 2023

On July 11, Mercury moves into Leo, which makes people feel and talk with a lot of energy. 

On July 17, the nodes of fate switch to the Aries-Libra axis. This is also the day of the new moon in Cancer. Now is a great time to make plans and set goals

The next month might be crazy. You're letting go of relationships that don't serve your highest and truest goals, and you're also making big decisions about your job

Even though it won't be hard for you to let people go, it will be hard to decide how you want to move your career forward.

Think about what you're passionate about and what's in your heart. Only then can you choose the path that speaks to your soul

Once you find an activity that fits with your views, you'll start to feel fulfilled and ready to handle the ups and downs of life

They might know where to look or what to do. Don't be afraid to work with other people in your area.

The whole world is watching to see what you do next. July is a good month because you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve

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