How Each Zodiac Sign Deals with Difficult Circumstances

Aries You appear unconcerned, but you repeat the moment in secret and loathe yourself.

Taurus You're petrified of being labeled as socially inept. That's why you stay away from parties and large groups of people.

Gemini Unless someone specifically expresses dissatisfaction, you treat the situation as though everyone is happy.

Cancer When you're feeling ashamed, you turn bright crimson and start to shake. 

Leo When you're feeling awkward, you immediately pull out your phone and pretend to text.

Virgo When something uncomfortable happens, you laugh it off. You have a healthy sense of self-deprecation.

Libra You're really good at getting over social impasses. You're an outgoing person with a quick recovery rate

Scorpio When the going gets rough, you shut up. However, when you repeat the tale to your pals, you'll have a great time.

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