Is Your Cat Aggressive When Petted?

Love bites, sometimes known as petting-induced aggressiveness, are soft bites from cats. 

Cats may bite while caressing to show their limitations and disinterest. These bites indicate fatigue, not fondness.

Cats may also bite you when grooming. They may lick and use their teeth to groom certain places. Your cat may groom your head, face, or hand.

When your cat bites, stay calm. Cat-biting communicates. Instead, heed their body language and desires. Give the cat space by gently removing your hand. 

Stopping your cat from biting during stroking requires changing your petting habits and recognizing overstimulated cats.

Before treating the biting, make sure there are no health issues causing discomfort or distress. Control stomachaches and skin infections first.

Second, spot your cat's discomfort. Tail twitching, ear pulling, dilated pupils, growling, and claw exposure are examples. Stop petting if you see any of these indicators.

After learning the danger signs, watch your cat for them. Pat them till they show warning sign

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