Love Horoscope July 11, Mars In Virgo

Today you withdraw and address the conduct. You hate taking a stand yet know it's correct. When you desire a relaxed connection

A troubled connection requires two people. You want a happy relationship with your spouse, but some events have made you question its potential.

You always wanted peace and harmony for your family and house. You've been sidetracked. Financial and professional stress have hampered your love life.

When hurt, people argue. You admit to feeling down recently. You realize you may have separated your lover unintentionally. Compensating for missed time and unpleasant remarks may be difficult.

Both of you have been struggling with money lately. Thus, your relationship has shifted from quality time to supporting each other's achievement.

You've heard self-love leads to genuine love, yet you're unhappy with yourself. Your existence is full with unhappiness, forcing you to choose

Signed divorce papers complete the procedure. Starting afresh alone is odd. Even if it's over, you still miss your ex because they were there

Your partner's disrespect harmed you badly. Their behavior toward you is crucial. You worry that your relationship may be beyond repair. 

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