makeup to hide under-eye circles

1. De-puff the eyes Apply an ice pack, eye gel, or cool teaspoon to the eyes and massage. Pressure and coldness compress blood vessels

2. Eye cream Maria Asadi, who works with Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Jourdan Dunn, can identify if a client uses eye cream by looking at their face.

She advises hydrating and nourishing the skin since else concealer and corrector will sit on top. 

3. Apply foundation. Blend foundation under your eyes. Asadi adds most of her Indian clientele have neutral skin undertones, generally pink and yellow. She recommends applying it with a finger

“Blend a light and dark shade above your jawline and blend it into your cheek and neck. He feels the perfect colours merge both ways naturally. 

4. use Correct. "Foundation over dark circles will seem ashy. Asadi says a corrector employs color theory to neutralize pigmentation or bruised eyes so you can conceal. Orange correctors neutralize purple skin tones for her.

5. Blend concealer. To brighten under-eyes, apply a light-reflective product a shade lighter than your skin. Choose a concealer that suits your skin. Fine wrinkles require a more dense, matte, and crease-resistant concealer.

6. Prepare it. Use blotting papers to remove shine, then apply setting powder with a tiny brush. Bauer suggests transparent powder since loose powder cakes.

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