Most Consumed Foods in the Entire World

Yet some foods and drinks seem to transcend these borders and are ubiquitously adored the world over.

we discover the 19 most consumed foods across the globe and explore what makes each one so universally popular.

This dietary staple has been feeding humans for thousands of years. The World Population Review states, “Over 50% of the world’s population relies on rice in their daily diet—providing roughly 20% of the world’s calories.

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From basmati rice with Indian curry to sticky rice in Japanese sushi, this tiny grain is the world’s most significant source of carbohydrates.

the second most produced grain in the world (after rice), with global production reaching over 778 million metric tons in 2022.

Recent research shows that corn, or maize, is eaten in 160 countries worldwide and is particularly popular in the Americas.

Native Americans have been cultivating corn on the plains for centuries, and today, it remains an essential ingredient in many foods, including Mexican tortillas, Italian polenta, and cornbread from the southern U.S.

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