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Designed by James Earle Fraser, these coins were minted from 1913 to 1938, and they hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Each nickel tells a story of America’s past, depicting the beauty of Native American culture and the ruggedness of the American West.

For collectors, building a collection of Buffalo Indian Nickels is a journey through time, exploring the variations, rarities, and historical significance of each coin.

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through the top 10 Buffalo Indian Nickels you need in your collection, highlighting their unique features, historical background, and why they’re must-haves for any numismatist.

The 1913 Type 1 Buffalo Nickel holds a special place in numismatic history as the first year of issue for this iconic coin.

Minted only for a short period before the design was modified due to wear issues, the Type 1 features the buffalo standing on a mound with the words “FIVE CENTS” on the reverse.

Its rarity and historical significance make it a cornerstone for any Buffalo Nickel collection.

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