Numerology and Tarot Horoscopes for Zodiac Signs


Aries Tarot Card : The High Priestess. Your sign represents child-like faith, yet the world will offer you many excuses to give up. An permanent ember in your heart reminds you of the light

Tarot Tarus : Devil According to an ancient literature, "There has no temptation taken you but such as is common to man," meaning everyone has faced your situation. 

Gemini Tarot: Death Death isn't scary. It's a voyage to look forward to because when a loved one, such as a pet or parent, crosses over

Cancer Tarot: Tower  Life shocks you. Aren't you pleased there are still experiences that steal your breath away and remind you how much you don't know

Tarot Leo: The Sun You're one of the lucky ones who can do something tremendously beneficial for yourself and others. You must help those less fortunate when you reach a certain point in life.

Virgo Tarot: Justice Life isn't fair, so judging the world and claiming things might be better is pointless. The problem-seeker is invited to solve it. 

Libra Tarot: Emperor You love, yet most people don't realize you struggle. When a family member is harmed, you want to protect them. You're loving someone rough today.

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