Perfectly Applying Compact


First, wash your face and put some lotion on it. Then, use a primer on your face. It makes your makeup last longer and looks more even.

Use a makeup around your mouth, under your eyes, and on any spots on your face that aren't the same color as the rest of your skin. Put foundation on your whole face and spread it out.

After concealer and foundation, apply compact powder. If you use a powder plus foundation (two-in-one product) that can be worn alone or over makeup, apply it immediately after the primer 

Use a sponge applicator to apply a compact powder in your skin tone all over your face. Dab and pat the product onto the skin before blending with the sponge. This procedure covers and perfects skin.

A fluffy powder brush may apply compact powder. Powder the brush and remove excess. Apply from the middle of the face.

Apply with lengthy dabbing strokes and a sweeping motion. Blend it evenly across the face and neck for a natural glow.

Apply compact powder to the neck and other visible regions. It will seem dewy and spotty, unlike your face.

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