Rare Breeds of Dogs

Some of the most intriguing canines are unusual breeds with award-winning traits. What makes these unusual breeds special?

Avoiding golden retrievers with these uncommon dog breeds. The Telomian, a rare Malaysian dog, is tiny to medium, stocky, and agile. 

Their purple tongue, big eyes, and drive to learn distinguish them. Bright and vigilant, they're great watchdogs. 

The Telomian, a freshly domesticated canine breed, has strong predatory instincts and shouldn't be maintained with tiny pets

Due to extreme inbreeding, the Catalburun has a peculiar double snout and low-set ears. Catalburun dogs cannot be bred without mingling in other breeds to improve genetics. 

While New Guinea singing dogs can be tamed, most puppies are just a few generations from their wild ancestors. 

New Guinea singing dogs should never be maintained with other pets and require an expert handler. They also react to other canines, especially those of the same sex.

Teddy Roosevelt terriers are one-person dogs. He likes other dogs and kids, but he follows one family member like a hawk.

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